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AMR - Assisted Muscle Release
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Assisted Muscle Release (AMR) is a technique designed to relieve tight muscles and sore joints. The idea originated from a long-term injury that would not go away. Foam rolling helped but was not intense enough to improve the situation. Foam rolling was effective in alleviating pain but did not eliminate the original problem/injury.

We came up with a solution. By holding or increasing pressure on the injured muscle for 60 seconds, much of the tightness and pain goes away, releasing the tension on the joint. In this assisted method we relieve pain and improve your ability to work out safely at maximum effort without fear of re-injury or muscle tightness.

 For people who want more muscle mass, AMR loosens overworked muscles, relieves joint pain and increases range of motion. This effectively loosens tight muscles enabling more repetitions, greater weights and meet training goals.
Injuries that will benefit from AMR:

Hip pain
Knee swelling or soreness
Lower back pain
Neck stiffness
Chest, Shoulder and Scapular soreness
Carpal tunnel- all kinds
Numbness in arm or hands
Plantar Fasciitis
​Achilles tenderness
Calf tightness

To keep injuries from returning we recommend:

Specific corrective stretching and strengthening exercises
Rumble rolling equipment and techniques
Adding a new sport

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