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MAS Fitness is owned and operated by Kelly B. McIver who is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. Kelly also has certifications in CPR and AED. He is dedicated to continuing his professional education by expanding his credentials in the areas of CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), nutrition, group training, youth exercise, and weight loss.

Kelly has been passionate about sports which led to a life-long dedication to fitness. His father inspired him both as a mentor and coach in his early years as a pitcher and shortstop in Little League. This led to a habit of exercising regularly and propelled him to various sports. Biking and Basketball became a focal outlet for his boundless energy which culminated in his being recruited for the Merritt College basketball team. His love of  basketball carries through to this day at the UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility. He is still skilled enough to be invited to play for Intramural leagues and was a long-time member of the open recreation basketball league.


I am frequently asked how I stay in such amazing shape. My fitness philosophy is that if you are not building your body, then it's breaking down. Exercise is an important component to health and longevity. A person's desire to push themselves further than they thought they could and never giving up, is what I hope to foster.

The amount of energy we have during the day can be improved by good eating habits, a variety of daily exercises, quality sleep, and reducing stress, which can increase our overall health and well being.

As people approach mid-age, there is a renewed interest in health and fitness as their bodies begin to encounter limitations in movement. Sometimes this is accompanied by injury that is causing challenges such as limited range of motion or motion with pain. As a personal trainer, I offer a safe, effective approach for building stamina and strength while increasing flexibility, improve metabolism, assist in weight loss, nutrition and stress awareness.

I offer alternative health options and lifestyle adjustment. I design exercise programs to specifically adjust physical imbalances through yoga and stretching (Static, PNF, and Dynamic), to gain ease of motion. Resistance training is integrated with cardio exertions to build muscle and eliminate excess fat. Nutrition, stress management and good sleeping habits play a crucial role in personal success.
Due to increased awareness of the benefits of fitness in recent years, the physical fitness industry has grown at a phenomenal rate. More people than ever are going to gyms and are looking for ways to “get in shape.” Having a personal trainer shows how serious you are at succeeding in reaching your goals.
The benefits of exercise and its impact on the healthcare industry has become of increased relevance to the economy. To jumpstart a fitness regimen, people are looking more to hire personal trainers and the demand continues to be on the rise.
All my clients are very satisfied and have made improvements in weight loss, stamina, muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and movement without pain.

I want each client to have a sport or sports they enjoy. This enables the participant to exercise "mindlessly", to play like a child for longer intervals. Building muscle and burning fat become the by-product of doing something you truly enjoy.

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  "There is more wisdom in your       body than in your deepest

  - Frederick Nietzsche 
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